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Designation: Professor
Email id: [email protected]
Educational Qualification: PhD

Details of Educational Qualification:

Degree Specialization University College Year of


PhD JSS University,


JSS College of Pharmacy,  Ooty. 2016
M Pharm M.Pharm

(Pharmaceutical Chemistry )

Vinayaka Mission’s  University,Salem. Vinayaka Mission’scollege  of pharmacy,Salem. 2003-2005
B Pharm The Tamil Nadu

DrMGR Medical  University, Chennai

Vinayaka Mission’s college  of pharmacy, Salem. 1997-2001

Work Experience:

Employer details  Designation  Period
Nehru College of Pharmacy, Thrissur  Lecturer  2005-2007
Nirmala College of Pharmacy, Muvattupuzha  Associate  




Caritas College of Pharmacy, Ettumanoor  Professor  2023 Onwards


During his total experience of over 16 years in academic, industry and research, he was exposed  to rational drug design, structure based drug design and modern techniques on anticancer studies.  During his term as a PhD scholar, he received a DBT (Department of Biotechnology) funded  project. His experiences acquired over the period helped him to establish CADD and Molecular  Dynamics Simulation workstation at his organisation. He received research grants from KSCTE 

and published several papers in international journals. Apart from regular academic  responsibilities, He share his knowledge through external interactions and conducted workshops  to train above 180 candidates on CADD using Autodock 4 and Vina.  

His area of interest in research is Drug Design, synthesis of molecules, screening their biological  activity (Anticancer activity), Hit identification, Lead optimisation and Study of biochemical  processes in the area of anticancer drug discovery and antibiotics to overcome resistance.  

 The Covid 19 pandemic changed his perspective to focus towards industrial research rather  than academic research. He could contribute to Covid 19 research by participating in drug  discovery Hackathon. As part of his interest in Academic industry collaboration, he established  IEDC in the organisation which foster the budding generation to become entrepreneurs. He would  like to further expand His knowledge and utilise his experience in the field of drug discovery.  

His Strengths include  

Computer Aided Drug design (CADD)  

Synthesis of molecules and trouble shooting  

Purification of molecules  

Structure based drug design , lead optimisation  

Identifying PAINS , cardio toxic molecules.  

Predicting probable metabolic soft spots  


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